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Foods Alive is a family-owned and operated business that cares more about the quality of food and the effects of producing it on our planet than profiting for oneself. 

Today, Foods Alive offers its unique Raw Golden Flax Crackers in several wonderful flavors, produces a variety of raw Flax, Chia, Sesame, and Hemp-based Gourmet Oils and Super Dressings, and an extensive line of organic raw Super Foods (chia seeds, maca powder, goji berries, etc) to provide health-conscious consumers with a more diverse nutritional experience.

Foods Alive Inc.

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Picture of  Chia Protein Powder - Organic, 6x227g

Chia Protein Powder - Organic, 6x227g

Chia Protein is crafted by carefully separating the oils from the seeds. This creates a wonderful high protein and high fiber product that can be added to a variety of different foods. Chia Protein is a very nutritious addition to protein shakes, smoothies, cereals, porridge, yogurts and more. It can also be used as a partial substitute for flour.
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Ginger Snap Flax & Chia Snacker Organic, 6x113g

Oh snap! Flax, meet your new buddy, chia, in this snacker of a cracker. How could something this great-tasting be so good for you? Well, that's because it's made with the finest organic ingredients such as chia seed, flax seed, coconut sugar, blackstrap molasses, Himalayan pink salt, clove, and ginger. Nothing else is needed here to enjoy this great snack– just open the bag and dig in! Cure that sweet craving with a snack that is both delicious and nutritious!
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Picture of  Gold Flaxseed - Organic, 6x395g

Gold Flaxseed - Organic, 6x395g

Flax seeds contain high levels of dietary fiber including lignans, an abundance of micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Flax fibers are amongst the oldest fiber crops in the world. The use of flax for the production of linen goes back at least to ancient Egyptian times.
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Picture of  Original Flax Crackers Organic, 6x113g

Original Flax Crackers Organic, 6x113g

Just plain and simple, yet so light and tasty! This cracker is the perfect vehicle for your favorite spreads and dips, or with a bowl soup, or on your salad! Get creative with this one and let your taste buds enjoy the simple yet satisfying taste of our Original Flax Cracker!
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Picture of  Toasted Hemp Seeds - Organic, 6x340g

Toasted Hemp Seeds - Organic, 6x340g

Hemp seeds offer a healthy source of essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) to the body, but also provide a very high level of dietary fiber, which helps your digestive system remain efficient and healthy. Hemp is also a complete protein, which is unusual for sources that are plant-based.
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Hemp Protein Powder (50%) - Organic, 6x227g

Organic Hemp Protein is recognized as a complete/balanced vegetarian source of Amino Acids, EFA's, natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and chlorophyll. Hemp Protein is the perfect high performance vegetarian whole food and may be used in place of other protein supplements. It is easily digested (no enzyme inhibitors) and can be substituted into any diet. It is recommended that it be blended generously with your favorite raw organic fruits as a complete meal that will leave you feeling energized and totally satisfied.
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