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Small Batch Market

At BuyWell, we believe in supporting our local artisans who have a passion for creating healthy, natural products and who put their heart and soul into making something special.

We’ve been searching high-and-low and have visited countless markets to source these amazing products just for you. We are pleased to present an alternative to your commercial retailers by showcasing these small and local artisans who are creating small-batch goods full of goodness.

The BuyWell Artisan Marketplace helps local Canadians expand their product reach and grow their business while providing you access to wonderful products made with love.

Meet Our Artisans

Sisi Geogian Bay Skincare

SiSi Georgian Bay is a unique small batch skincare company, based on pure and simple principals. They carefully source and select the best natural, organic and wild ingredients, in order to utilize gentle, yet powerful, plant based properties. Their formulas are developed with tremendous care and attention to detail, guided by the sacred traditions of herbal and botanical alchemy.

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Earthology Food Wrap

Earthology food wraps are made using only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Their beeswax is as local and as unprocessed as you could possibly get! It is vitally important to Earthology that only deal with ethical and sustainable beekeepers, who allow their bees to winter and do not keep them artificially awake outside of their natural cycle, and only harvest the excess to allow the bees to flourish.

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Dick Duff's Organic Beef Jerky

Eat clean. Eat real. Fuel your active lifestyle. Dick Duff’s jerky is low in fat, naturally gluten free, certified organic and a serious source of protein. It’s also richer in iron, beta carotene, vitamin E and omega-3s than conventional beef, giving you more of the nutrients you need. That makes Dick Duff’s the go-to choice for your next outdoor adventure, your post-workout recovery or just a long day in the office cubicle.

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