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Over the past decade, the world has been experiencing an alarming decline in the Honey Bee population. Since 2006, researchers estimate a 30-40% loss in bee colonies throughout North America alone.

A declining bee population is a huge, ecological concern., Researchers and scientists agree that losing our bees poses a significant threat to our way of life.

At BuyWell, we care deeply about the health of our ecosystem and count our fuzzy, flying friends as one of our planet’s most important health-promoting heroes. Beyond producing the healing honey and beeswax products we enjoy, honey bees are one of the world’s most precious resources for pollinating plants and flowers.

bees pollinate about one-third of the plants we eat

Plants and flowers that we rely on for food and which we include as valuable resources in many of the natural health and wellness products we consume.

In fact, bees pollinate about one-third of the plants we eat. When the honey bee suffers, so does our supply of plant-based resources, and so do we. If you’ve enjoyed an apple, a handful of almonds or a cup of coffee lately, then you are reaping the rewards of bee pollination. Don’t forget those nourishing honey and propolis products that help us heal and nourish our skin.

At BuyWell we want to ‘bee’ a part of the solution to help save the bees. So we’re donating $1 from each annual membership fees to Bee charities accross, Canada. We also donate a portion of our sales to other Bee-minded organizations to help establish hives and wildflower gardens. Stay tuned to see your support in action!

Together, we hope to educate and empower Canadians around this crucial issue and take action to help support conservation and population growth.