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Picture of Rhoziva, 60 Capsules
Brand: Rhoziva

Rhoziva, 60 Capsules

Rhoziva is a blend of 100% Rhodiola rosea and vitamins. Rhodiola rosea increases the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. In other words, it helps you to deal with the realities of life.
Picture of Rhoziva Edge, 60 Capsules
Brand: Rhoziva

Rhoziva Edge, 60 Capsules

Rhoziva Edge is a proprietary herbal blend utilizing the powerful Rhodiola rosea root that has been proven to cause lasting physical energy such as increased stamina, endurance, and libido. Rhodiola rosea and Siberian Ginseng are two scientifically tested and time-honoured adaptogenic hers that grow in harsh subarctic climates. Their resistance and ability to endure stressful habitat are transferable to humans. Notice a difference in 1-6 days!