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Navitas Organics helps people achieve optimal nutrition to fuel a busy lifestyle. Health-conscious people choose Navitas Organics superfoods because they are a diverse whole-food source of antioxidants, protein, essential fats, minerals, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients.
All the products are certified organic and use methods such as freeze-drying and low-temperature processing to ensure maximum nutrition and flavor. Organic is important for ensuring the integrity of the foods that people eat, and for protecting the environment and health of farmers.

Navitas Organics

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Picture of  Acai Powder, 113g

Acai Powder, 113g

With a flavor somewhere between chocolate and wild berries and a creamy, rich texture, acai powder is delicious and easy to use.
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Picture of  Maca Powder, 454g
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Maca Powder, 454g

Maca powder has a pungent, sweet nutty taste with hints of butterscotch. It can be mixed easily into healthy smoothies, shakes, cereals and warm drinks, and can be added to desserts and baked goods. Add some to your favorite pancake batter to create an energizing breakfast.
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Picture of  Cacao Powder, 454g

Cacao Powder, 454g

Cacao Powder is easy to use: simply substitute this healthy, natural cacao 1:1 into any recipe that calls for cocoa powder or dutch processed cocoa powder. Great in baked treats, smoothies, homemade chocolates, and hot chocolate.
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Picture of  Chia Seeds, 454g
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Chia Seeds, 454g

Chia Seeds are virtually tasteless, making them incredibly versatile. Use as a thickening agent in soups or smoothies, add to baked goods for a poppy seed-like crunch or make chia pudding for a nutritious breakfast or snack.
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