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GoBIO! Organics is the dedicated, always-organic cooking and baking brand that is devoted to providing convenient organic products and ingredients that support peoples’ efforts to prepare wholesome, great-tasting, better-for-you foods at home. 

GoBIO! Organics is Canadian owned and operated​​. 100% organic. GoBio! is committed to providing consumers with great-tasting organic food without any additives or impurities​. GoBio! provides options that are healthier, convenient and easy to use​. GoBio! products are simple, versatile and inspiring.

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Picture of  GoBIO! Organic Wine Gums, 75g

GoBIO! Organic Wine Gums, 75g

GoBIO! Organic Candy is 100% organic and comes in 6 delicious skus. Made with real organic fruit flavours and without any high fructose corn syrup, additives or artificial colours, these are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
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