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Our Experts & Curators

Amanda LeBlanc
Co-Founder of BuyWell.com

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Amanda’s passion has been and always will be providing a healthy and sustainable life and community for her children. BuyWell is an extension of her passions and it culminated in co-founding and launching BuyWell.com.

Her passion for natural, organic, non-GMO, and sustainable products started 9 years ago when she was pregnant with her son. She carries these motherly traits over to the BuyWell brand, bringing product knowledge for toddlers and adults as well. She’s committed to making sure the consumer receives only high-quality health and wellness products.

Amanda has managed campaigns for Fortune 500 clients and worked closely with agencies overseeing projects from their inception to completion. Her successes in marketing and project management, as well as her expertise in monitoring online industry trends, have led to the creation and launch of BuyWell.com.

Dr. Ira Price F.D, F.R.C.P.C
Chief Health & Wellness Officer

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Dr. Ira Price brings his industry-leading, holistic healthcare approach to BuyWell. His belief in positive patient outcomes has made Dr.Price one of the most sought-after physicians to work with. His heavy involvement within a growing industry ensures that you are getting the best from BuyWell and all the services we have to offer.

Dr. Price is internationally known for his leadership in the clinical application of cannabinoids. He opened up Synergy Health Services*, a groundbreaking clinic, that was the first in Ontario dedicated solely to evaluating patients for the use of medical cannabis.

Dr. Price holds many other titles which include being an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine through the Department of Internal Medicine at McMaster University. He’s also a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons trained in Emergency Medicine, with a Fellowship in Sports Medicine.

Dr. Elvis Ali B.Sc,
F.I.A.C.A., Dipl. Ac., D.Hom., R.Ac., N.D.

In-House Naturopath - BuyWell Medical Expert

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Dr. Elvis Ali comes to BuyWell with over 30 years of medical experience specializing in naturopathic medicine. His mission is to educate BuyWell patients and customers about naturopathic health and wellness options and the effects on the body.

Dr. Ali has worked around the world, searching the globe for the best natural medicines to ensure your mind and body are working towards optimum wellness. He brings his expertise to the BuyWell team to provide you with the best possible natural healthcare products.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ali serves on multiple health boards, has written several books, conducted lectures internationally and has appeared on a number of radio and TV shows. In 2006, he completed his studies on Body/Mind Medicine at Harvard Medical School where he was a member of the postgraduate association at Harvard.

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Heather Gray
Director of Clinical Operations & Patient Care

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Heather’s passion for patient care and experience in clinical operations has brought her to the BuyWell team. Day in and day out, Heather works towards a grand vision of changing lives through products, services and achievable healthcare.

Heather genuinely cares about the people who use our network and the staff who work hard to achieve great, consistent service. She continues to push forth in opioid reduction and access to alternative health solutions. She’s dedicated in providing best-in-class medical services through BuyWell Care and Synergy Health Clinics*.

Since 2014, her focus has been on the medical cannabis industry, leading the way in patient process, operations, education, and infrastructure through the clinical model. Her consistent pursuit for better patient outcomes and maximizing full treatment plans have sparked industry recognition.

Frances Botnick
Chief Nutritionist

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Health and fitness are a big part of Frances’ life and it shows in the inception of BuyWell.com. Frances is a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful children and combines her lifestyle with the passion for her career. Her health and wellness journey began at a very young age and she wants to help you find your best self through our products and services.

Frances graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from York University focusing in Kinesiology and Psychology. She is also a CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and Fitness Instructor Specialist, with additional training in Pre and Post-Natal Fitness.

She brings these credentials and her life experiences to the BuyWell brand and has helped curate the best athletic supplements and minerals for everyone who is trying to be their best.

Ashley Neale
Director of Merchandising

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Ashley has over 10 years experience buying and curating the best products for you, the consumer. A former figure-skater, Ashley combines her athleticism and active lifestyle to curate high-quality products for anyone interested in living their best life. The ‘Live Well, Buy Well’ motto has applied to Ashley’s life and it reflects in the products we provide you.

Her purchasing experience and skills have allowed her to shut out the noise and truly deliver the best health and wellness products. Ashley is determined to create the best possible online marketplace, while bringing you the greatest brands at an affordable price.

*BuyWell Care services are managed by the Synergy Health Network: A division owned and operated by Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corp.