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Scars, Bruises + Burns

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Picture of Kalaya Wonder Salve, 22g

Kalaya Wonder Salve, 22g

Kalaya Naturals Wonder Salve is an all-natural remedy for minor skin abrasions, bumps, scrapes, bruises, and more. Formulated with Tea Tree Oil, providing natural antibacterial properties, as well as emu oil to soothe and relieve damaged skin. Designed by a physician and pharmacist, and beautifully infused into a beeswax base to further hydrate and protect the skin. Doubles as a world class lip balm to protect and hydrate lips.
Picture of LivRelief Healing Cream, 10x1.5g
Brand: LivRelief

LivRelief Healing Cream, 10x1.5g

LivRelief Wound Healing Cream’s unique formula supports healing at all stages of the repair process: the inflammatory stage, the proliferation stage and the remodeling stage. LivRelief Wound Healing Cream helps heal cuts, incisions, abrasions and sores, relieves skin inflammation and irritation, and prevents scarring.
Picture of Silver Biotics Armor Gel, 42g

Silver Biotics Armor Gel, 42g

Armor Gel™ is a multi-tasker, just like you.