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Disinfecting Sprays

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Picture of ATTITUDE Disinfectant Spray, 800ml
Brand: Attitude

ATTITUDE Disinfectant Spray, 800ml

Did you know that some viruses can live up to seven days on surfaces? We don’t give it much thought, but we touch doorknobs, chair backrests, faucets and other items multiple times a day! Wage war on household germs with ATTITUDE’s 99.9% disinfectant cleaner.
Picture of Graydon Skincare Germs Away Mist, 120ml

Graydon Skincare Germs Away Mist, 120ml

Made with a complex blend of germ killing essential oils, this antimicrobial spray can help you tackle a bunch of cleaning dilemmas around your home without breaking a sweat. Spray down your gym bag or clothing to deodorize, or wipe down your cell phone or electronics to get rid of bacteria.