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Security  &  Privacy

   Buywell Just Classical, the web site which hosts the Just ABC Classics catalogue, enables orders to be placed with ease and with complete security and privacy for your personal details. Orders may comprise just titles from the Just ABC Classics catalogue or a mixture of titles from this catalogue plus selections made from the full Buywell Just Classical catalogue.

Will my credit card details be protected?

   Your credit card information is encrypted before being sent across the Internet from your computer to our secure server. It is stored encrypted on our secure server, not as plain text. In the highly unlikely event of a hacker getting into our secure server they would only find encrypted credit card details which they would not be able to decrypt.

   On almost all pages, you will see the authentication logo issued to Buywell by, usually below the left-column menu.

   If you hover your mouse pointer over the authentication logo a certificate will be displayed, direct from Comodo's site, confirming Buywell's identify. If you click the logo, a window will appear - again, direct from Comodo's site - in which Buywell's SSL certificate details are displayed. This is your assurance that your credit card details will be handled securely when you are asked to enter them in Buywell's order form.

What if I don't want to pass my credit card details over the Internet?

   While we assure you that entering your credit card details on our order form is safe and secure, should you not wish to do this you can send your order by mail to:
      Buywell Classic Music
      Canberra Technology Park
      49 Phillip Ave
      ACT 2602
To help you with this, you can proceed as though you are going to place the order on-line but stop short when you would otherwise enter your credit card details. Just add the titles you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, proceed to Checkout and then on the Order Form select your country to find out what the shipping cost will be and the total cost of the order. Then just click the "Home" button to get out of the on-line ordering process and send your order by mail.

Will my personal details be disclosed to anyone?

   The personal information you enter when placing an order - such as name, address, telephone number and email address - is used for our orders records and accounting purposes and is not used for any other purpose or divulged to anyone else except in the process of addressing your orders and arranging their delivery. We guarantee the privacy of your information in all other respects and will only disclose it if required to do so by law.

Why do you want to write a "Cookie" on my computer?

   When you arrive at our web site, we attempt to write a small unique code to your computer known as a "cookie", to help distinguish you from other visitors browsing and placing orders at the same time. The "cookie" has no other significance and is not used to recognise you on subsequent visits or to monitor your preferences or the pages you view. If you have set the options in your browser so as to reject cookies, the software we use on our web site will still be able to distinguish you from other users unless you leave our web site in the middle of browsing or placing an order.

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