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Quick search

   Use this box to find something simple and distinctive like the name of an artist or composer.

Note: If your search is more complex experiment with some of the options under Browse by in the left column menu, or if you wish to search for a CD or DVD number use the Cat. No. search page.

Search for   

   This provides a convenient way to find something distinctive. For example, entering Richard Strauss would produce a modest-sized list of CDs on which there are one or more works by this composer.

   However, were you to enter Richard Strauss, it might be that the search results could contain some titles where Richard Strauss' name is not mentioned, but where someone called Richard and another of the many composers with the surname Strauss were both found. You can avoid ambiguous results of this sort by enclosing names within single or double quotation marks – "Richard Strauss" or 'Richard Strauss'.

   You can use either single quote marks - ' - or double quote marks - " - as long as you use the same symbol before and after the name or group of words for which you require an exact match. If there is a quote mark in the group of words you are seeking, such as the ' in Richard's, then you should enclose the words with the other quote mark - in this case ".

   With a little careful thought and some practice, you will find that, as illustrated in the example above, this search facility provides a quick and easy way to find many things. However, search results will not be very helpful if you enter something less specific, such as Richard, because it will result in a much bigger list of CDs where anyone called Richard features as artist, composer or conductor, or even somewhere in the description, will result. It is better to narrow the search by entering something else as well, which will force the search procedure to find both or all of the things entered in a CD's details before including it in the results. For example, entering "Patrick Thomas" organ would restrict results to just those CDs on which Patrick Thomas' name was mentioned and which featured organ works.

The Solo artists, Composers and Conductors browse options

   These all work in a similar way, displaying a list of alphabetic characters which can be clicked to summon a list of persons whose surnames begin with the selected character. Clicking any surname will summon a list of CDs featuring that artist, composer or conductor.

The Genre, Period and Instruments browse options

   Once again, these all work in a similar way, displaying entries which can be clicked to summon a list of CDs conforming with that entry.

The Australian orchestras option

   This makes it easy to find which CDs contain performances by particular Australian orchestras.

The Full catalogue option

   All of the above options limit the results list to just some CDs, so this option is provided to help you see some you might otherwise miss.


   Search results are displayed as lists of abbreviated details including the CD Title, Label, Catalog No. and Price. Each Title and cover image is a link which can be clicked to display the page containing its full details and a larger cover image.

   Results pages show abbreviated details of up to ten CDs at a time, with a horizontal menu at the top and bottom of the page to display further pages of ten matches.



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