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Peter Mumme: New Day - Dawn Landscapes from across Australia
Peter Mumme: New Day - Dawn Landscapes from across Australia (ABC Classics 476 5712)
SKU: 10408
AU $27.22

Label: ABC Classics Cat. No.: 476 5712 Medium: CD No. Discs: 1
Download View booklet Acrobat PDF file for ABC Classics CD 476 5712 Peter Mumme: New Day - Dawn Landscapes from across Australia [473Kb]
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Peter Mumme, keyboards and natural sounds recording.

New Day was commissioned by ABC Classic FM to be broadcast during its morning program, Breakfast. Composer Peter Mumme travelled around Australia, recording the natural sounds of wildlife, water and vegetation at daybreak. He then wrote original music to be blended into these soundscapes. The result is a striking celebration of music in nature.

A title in the ABC Classics Atmospheres series, a sub-label of ABC Classics dedicated to sublime ambient music drawing on world, electronic, jazz and classical styles. The series features the inspiring work of some of Australia's best musicians performing music that is designed to relax, inspire and uplift.

Other titles in this series: see below.

Artists: Peter Mumme (keyboards).
Composers: Peter Mumme.
Far North Queensland
dawn … tropical beach … birds in the dunes above the beach … quiet morning becoming hot … aquamarine sea … parrots chatting …
Far North Queensland
rainforest near mangroves, intense with crickets … a bird starts its song …
north-east Arnhem Land
dawn forest, intense and dense in both appearance and sounds … mosquitoes … becoming humid …
Northern Territory, near Batchelor
dawn billabong … clear new day … birds, fish jumping … the day settles into a gentle rhythm …
5Alice Springs
Northern Territory
before dawn, still dark … pied butcher bird … and road trains! … galahs wake up and join in …
Otways, South Victoria
dawn overlooking eucalypt valley … parrots … birds in a rubbish tip - currawongs, thrush and crows … water trickling …
7Western Port
Coolart, South Victoria
winter sea, cold and foggy … wattle birds in banksia trees above the beach …
8Kinglake National Park
north-east of Melbourne
winter morning in a cold wet forest beside a creek … rain hits eucalypt leaves … frogs … magpies warble …
9Toolangi Lyrebird
Victorian Highlands
winter on the mountain top … spectacular birdsong …
10 Errinundra
East Victoria
eucalypt forest … pristine morning after overnight rain … crickets, frogs, gang gang cockatoos …
South Coast of New South Wales
'old spirit' fills this place … bell birds, currawongs … eucalypts … crickets …
12Cania Gorge National Park
dawn … busy waterhole in dry open woodland … crows … a cow runs through!
13Barmah Forest
Victoria, near the border with New South Wales
the Murray-Tongala River … early morning thunder rolls away, growling … fish jump, corellas wake and 'swirl' … frogs and crickets chatter …
southern New South Wales
cool morning … wet grass … small creek runs over rocks … shrike thrush calls … magpies in background …
15Lamington National Park, Border Ranges
Queensland, near the border with New South Wales
escarpment … eucalypt and rain forests awaken … whip birds, cat bird … parrots whiz through … early morning hikers pass!
Medium: CD
No. of Discs: 1
SKU #: 10408
Label: ABC Classics
Catalog #: 476 5712
Price: AU $27.22   
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