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 Currency Conversion

   Prices in the ABC Classics catalogue are shown in Australian dollars, such as AU$ 8.95.

   Visitors from many countries other than Australia will see prices in their own currency underneath (as at left) or alongside the Australian dollar prices.

   If you do not see a price in your currency, click the AU$ price and a drop list like the one at right Sample price image should appear from which you may make a selection. You can try this now by clicking the Australian $AUD 8.95 in the first paragraph above. If a drop list does not appear when you click that price please read the section on Personal Firewalls below.

   Almost everywhere throughout the site where prices appear the Australian dollar value will display the drop list at above right if clicked, enabling you to select a currency if one is not already being displayed or select an alternative to the one currently shown.

   An attempt will be made to write a cookie in your computer's cookie folder so that each time you return to Buywell to view the ABC Classics catalogue or Buywell's full catalogue, prices will be converted to the currency you seleted.

   You may change the currency into which prices are converted at any time. If you select "AUD Australian Dollar", the price conversion facility will omit price conversions altogether as it is aware that they already appear in Australian currency on all pages.

   Australians visiting Buywell, and overseas visitors who have selected "AUD dollars" as described above or who do not see prices appearing in a currency other than Australian can call the drop list from which an alternative currency can be selected by clicking any AU$ price.


   Prices appearing in currencies other than Australian dollars are based on the exchange rate at the time of display of the page. Please bear the following in mind:
  • If you use your browser's "history" facility to view pages off-line, any non-Australian prices appearing will not necessarily reflect the exchange rate in force at that time.

  • The exchange rate in force when an order is despatched may differ from that when the order was placed. Prices charged are based on the exchange rate in force when orders are despatched.

  • The exchange rate used by your bank or credit card facility may not be the same as that published in general exchange rate tables.

   If you are running a personal firewall, such as Symantec's Norton Internet Security, you may see neither a price in your local currency nor the word "Convert" if your default settings block script popups.

   To take advantage of our currency conversion facility, check your personal firewall's help facility to see whether you can enable script popups for individual web sites, and if so, enable them for the web site

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