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TEN - David Stanhope (DVD)
TEN - David Stanhope (DVD) (Tall Poppies TP900)
SKU: 16564
AU $33.00

Label: Tall Poppies Cat. No.: TP900 Medium: DVD No. Discs: 1

Making a welcome return to the keyboard, David Stanhope tackles some of the most technically fiendish repertoire in the piano literature - the Godowsky Studies on Chopin's Etudes Op. 10. Written to demonstrate hitherto undiscovered technical possibilities in playing the piano, these works are astounding for their time and remain exciting to the modern listener. They will always be exciting for the performer.... In particular, the left-hand Studies of Godowsky chart new territory, so the whole set of works was filmed throughout the recording sessions, and these are available now on DVD. Stanhope proves it is possible to play these works as written, without any technical cheating! He introduces each set of works engagingly and discusses the unique pianism of the music.

Artists: David Stanhope (piano)
Composers: Chopin, Godowsky

Chopin: Op. 10 No. 1 C major
Godowsky: No. 1, 1st version C major
Godowsky: No. 2, 2nd version D-flat major (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 2 A minor
Godowsky: No. 3, 1st version A minor (left hand only)
Godowsky: No. 4, 2nd version A minor, "Ignis Fatuus"
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 3 E major
Godowsky: No. 5, D-flat major (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 4 C-sharp minor
Godowsky: No. 6, C-sharp minor (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 5 G-flat major
Godowsky: No. 7, 1st version G-flat major (black keys)
Godowsky: No. 8, 2nd version C major (white keys)
Godowsky: No. 9, 3rd version A minor, "Tarantella
Godowsky: No. 10, 4th version A major, "Capriccio" (black and white keys)
Godowsky: No. 11, 5th version G-flat major (left hand inversion)
Godowsky: No. 12, 6th version G-flat major (right hand inversion
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 6 E-flat minor
Godowsky: No. 13, E-flat minor (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 7 C major
Godowsky: No. 14, 1st version C major
Godowsky: No. 15, 2nd version G-flat major, "Nocturne"
Godowsky: No. 15a, 3rd version E-flat major (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 8 F major
Godowsky: No. 16, 1st version F major
Godowsky: No. 16a, 2nd version G-flat major (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 9 F minor
Godowsky: No. 17, 1st version C-sharp minor
Godowsky: No. 18, 2nd version F minor (imitation of Opus 25 No. 2)
Godowsky: No. 18a, 3rd version F-sharp minor (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 10 A-flat major
Godowsky: No. 19, 1st version D major
Godowsky: No. 20, 2nd version A-flat major (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 11 E-flat major
Godowsky: No. 21, A major (left hand only)
Chopin: Op. 10 No. 12 C minor
Godowsky: No. 22, C-sharp minor (left hand only)

Medium: DVD
No. of Discs: 1
SKU #: 16564
Label: Tall Poppies
Catalog #: TP900
Price: AU $33.00   

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