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Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Russian Folk Songs
Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Russian Folk Songs (Decca 480 0472)
SKU: 12605
AU $13.59

Label: Decca Cat. No.: 480 0472 Medium: CD No. Discs: 2
Download View booklet Acrobat PDF file for Decca CD 480 0472 Dmitri Hvorostovsky - Russian Folk Songs [146Kb]
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"Russian folk culture is one the richest I know. In recent years, some of it lighter aspects have been commandeered by the entertainment and tourist industries: with this recording I wanted to go backwards and present songs I have so often heard - but never sung myself - in a direct and unvarnished, yet classical way. The songs I selected [for CD 1] I feel are truly Russian - many are melancholy, most are bittersweet, with the kind of mocking irony which counterbalances sentimentality. Two I decided to sing alone, in honour of Chaliapin, but in my own way. For the rest of this program I was privileged to work with the magnificent Ossipov Russian Folk Orchestra, who live and breathe this music. They made me feel a welcome guest in repertoire far from my operatic home, but very close to my heart." Dmitri Hvorostovsky

This double CD set returns two popular CDs to the catalogue - Hvorostovsky performing songs with orchestra (CD 1) and with choir (CD 2). Winner of the Cardiff Singer of the World, he has gone on to give great performances in operas by Verdi and is unequalled in the Russian baritone opera repertoire today. This repertoire is dear to his heart and in it he invests every ounce of artistry that marks his performances on the operatic stage and the concert platform.

A Decca Eloquence CD set.

Artists: Dmitri Hvorostovsky (baritone), St Petersburg Chamber Choir.
Conductors: Nikolai Kalinin, Nikolai Korniev.
Orchestras: Russian Folk Orchestra.
Tracks: CD 1

  1. Karabenjniki: Oj, palna, palna karobushka
    The Peddlers: Oh, the little box is full
  2. Vdol'pa ulitse
    A snowstorm blows
  3. Mashe: Ne vel'at Mashe za re
    Masha: Masha has been told
  4. Prash'aj radast'
    Farewell, happiness
  5. Kamarinskaya
    (arr. Nikolai Ossipov)
  6. Ah ty dushechka
    Ah, little darling
  7. Svidan'je: F chas kagda mertsan'je
    At the time when the stars
  8. Vyhazhu adin ja na darogu
    I walk out onto the path alone
  9. Plyaska
    (Valery Andreyev)
  10. Elegia: Kagda, dusha
    Elegy: When, my soul, you wanted
  11. O, jesli b mog ja vyrazit
    Oh, if only words could convey
  12. Ochi chornyje
    Dark eyes
  13. Lipa
    The lime tree
  14. Ne adna vo pole daroshkaNot just one path
  15. Nochen'ka: Ah'ty, nochen'ka
    Night: Oh, sweet night
  16. Jamsh'ik: Kak grusna, tumanna krugom
    Coachman: How dismal and misty
Dmitri Hvorostovsky (baritone)
Ossipov Russian Folk Orchestra
Nikolai Kalinin

CD 2

  1. Kalinka
  2. Barinya
  3. Ach ti slishesh li
    Ah! Do you hear my dearest friend
  4. Na goryshkye
    On the little mountain
  5. Khorovodnaya
    Round dance
  6. Shto zatumanilas
    Why have you misted over, clear sunset?
  7. Ya vstretil vas
    I met you
  8. Ivushka
    The little widow
  9. Kak meneya mladu
    How was I, a tender young maiden
  10. Kachelniye
    Rhyming song
  11. Uch ti polye
    Ah, you field
  12. Shto bye belaya berioza
    As never white birch tree
  13. Nye slishna shuma gorodskovo
    The noise of the town cannot be heard
  14. Vtyomnon lesye
    In the dark forest
  15. Uch kak pal tuman
    Already the fog has descended
  16. Ach vi sini
    Ah, shady spot
  17. Vyeniki
  18. Vihazhu adin ya na darogu
    I set off alone down the road
Arrantements: Fjodor Kozlov [1][7][12];Anatoly Novikov [2][11]; Ivan Rupin [3]; Oleg Kolovski [4]; Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov [5];Ivan Poltavtsev [6]; Paul Reade [8]; Dmitri Shostakovich [9]; Avenir Mikhailov [10;Nikolai Dranitsyn [13]; Andrei Pashchenko [14]; Leonid Schwartz / Ivan Poltavtsev [15];Alexander Yegorov [16]; Feodor Rubtsov / Ivan Poltavtsev [17]; Dmitri Smirnov [18]

Dmitri Hvorostovsky (baritone)
St. Petersburg Chamber Choir
Nikolai Korniev
Medium: CD
No. of Discs: 2
SKU #: 12605
Label: Decca
Catalog #: 480 0472
Price: AU $13.59   

© Copyright Buywell 1998-2013. All rights reserved.

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