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Crystal Vision
Crystal Vision (Move Records MD3319)
SKU: 12470
AU $23.65

Label: Move Records Cat. No.: MD3319 Medium: CD No. Discs: 1

A title in the Michael Kieran Harvey Collection. Other titles in this series.

Kanako OKAMOTO is rapidly gaining an international profile as an exciting and significant Japanese composer. Recent performances include: the 20th Asian Composers' League Festival 1999, Federation Music Week in Melbourne 2001, The 7th Evening of ACL/ISCM in Tokyo 2002, 2002 ACL Forum in Seoul, 2003 International Festival of Women in Music Today Seoul, 14th International New Music Week in Bucharest Romania 2004, Live Broadcast By ABC Classic FM production in Hobart 2005, Menin Gate Concert in 2005 Australia, University of Glasgow 2005, Japan-Australia Exchange concert in Melbourne 2006, Port Fairy Spring Music Festival 2006, Australian National University 2006 and 2007, and the Kawai Keyboard Series 2007 Brisbane, Australia.

Michael Kieran Harvey writes: "Japanese music for piano has long intrigued me - a country with such rich influences and contradictions has music of great stylisation, sophistication, beauty and uncompromising power. These qualities have had a profound influence on art music of the West, to say nothing of other cultural areas. To find a Japanese composer whose ideas are readily accessible to our ears is very rare however - I think Kanako Okamoto is one such musician.

"I first became aware of her work through the 2001 Federation Music Week in Melbourne, where I was performing many new piano works from Asia, among them Okamoto's Crystal Vision. What immediately impressed me apart from the intricate writing and intelligent formal construction was the cumulative power of the work, delivered in a very straightforward and honest manner. Since this time I have encouraged Ms Okamoto to explore as many musical terrains as possible, and this solo piano CD is the result. One hopes this taster will result in the listener further exploring Okamoto's other musical output, which is similarly lyrical and powerful, but equally difficult to define in mere words.

"The symbol of the frog became central to the collaboration - more than once people have commented on my face resembling a frog, or, memorably, a toad - but I figured what the hell, as long as it inspires the creative process. Of course, frogs act as miner's canaries in the increasingly impoverished natural world, a sobering thought. I need hardly draw comparisons with classical pianists."

Artists: Michael Kieran Harvey (piano).
Composers: Kanako Okamoto.
Tracks: Petit Suite
1 The Forgotten Pond
2 The Frog
3 Mists and Statues

4 Crystal Vision

5 La Nuit

6 Sparkle

7 Einfurung
8 Harmonie
9 Passus
10 Verchiwommenheit
11 Leidenschaft
Medium: CD
No. of Discs: 1
SKU #: 12470
Label: Move Records
Catalog #: MD3319
Price: AU $23.65   
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