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French Baroque Cantatas
French Baroque Cantatas (ABC Classics 476 5941)
SKU: 11654
AU $27.22

Label: ABC Classics Cat. No.: 476 5941 Medium: CD No. Discs: 1
Download View booklet Acrobat PDF file for ABC Classics CD 476 5941 French Baroque Cantatas [761Kb]
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The Perfection of Music - Masterpieces of the French Baroque is a new series of five discs of French Baroque music made in association with the University of Western Australia and Edith Cowan University. This album, Volume 1 in the series, explores the beautiful cantata repertoire, featuring Taryn Fiebig, Fiona Campbell, an ensemble on period instruments playing rare Baroque pieces and several world premiere recordings. With in-depth scholarly notes on Baroque music and performance practice, this prestigious series will become indispensable to any fan of Baroque music.

Other titles in this series: see below.

Artists: Fiona Campbell (mezzo-soprano), Taryn Fiebig (soprano).
Composers: Monteclair, Stuck.
Orchestras: Ensemble Battistin.
    La mort de Didon (The Death of Dido)
  1. Lent, marque et detache: Je ne verrai donc plus Enee
    So I shall not see Aeneas again
  2. Air lent: O Toi, Deesse de Cithere, tendre Venus
    O Thou, goddess of Cytherea, tender Venus
  3. Recitatif: Infidele, pourquoi quittez-vous ce rivage ?
    Faithless one, why are you leaving these shores?
  4. Vivement: Tyrans de l'empire de l'onde
    Tyrants of the empire of the waves
  5. Recitatif: Non !Arretez !
  6. Air gai: Qu'il est dangereux de se rendre aux vux
    How dangerous it is to believe promises

    Fiona Campbell mezzo-soprano
    L'amant reconcilie (The Reconciled Lover)
  1. Recitatif: Enfin de ma Phillis j'ai calme le courroux
    At last I have calmed the anger of my Phyllis
  2. Air gaiement: L'objet de mes vux me rend sa tendresse
    The object of my desires returns my tenderness
  3. Recitatif - Lentement:: Que les soupcons jaloux qui troublaient nos amours
    Let the jealous suspicions which troubled our love
  4. Mouvement juste - Lentement:: La discorde en tous lieux
    Discord everywhere
  5. Recitatif: Faisons retentir les airs des plus aimables concerts
    Let us make the tunes of the most delightful concerts sound
  6. Ritournelle gai -Air: Venus lui donna ses attraits
    Venus gave her her charms
  7. Air gai: Chantons, chantons les doux transports
    Let us sing, let us sing the sweet transports

    Taryn Fiebig soprano
    Ariane et Bachus (Ariadne and Bacchus)
  1. Recitatif: Ariane adorait le volage Thesee
    Ariadne adored the fickle Theseus
  2. Air lent: Plus cruel que le Minotaure
    More cruel than the Minotaur
  3. Vivement: Ah !dans mon desespoir ...Mais quel Dieu fait fremir les ondes ?
    Ah!in my despair ...But what God disturbs the waves?
  4. Air tendrement: Regnez adorable mortelle
    Reign, adorable mortal
  5. Recitatif: L'Amour de la plus douce chaine
    Love, with the sweetest chain
  6. Air gai: Si vos amants brisent leurs chaines
    If your lovers break their chains

    Fiona Campbell mezzo-soprano
    Cephale et Aurore (Cephalus and Aurora)
  1. Gravement et detache: La nuit d'un voile obscur couvrait encore les airs
    Night still covered the air with a dark veil
  2. Lentement: Vous qui parcourez cette plaine
    You who travel over this plain
  3. Recitatif: Mais que dis-je ?
    But what am I saying?
  4. Air gai: Il en est temps encore, Cephale, ouvre les yeux
    There is still time, Cephalus, open your eyes
  5. Recitatif: Elle dit, et le Dieu qui repand la lumiere de son char argente
    Thus she said. And the God who pours out the light from his silvered chariot
  6. Doucement: Ainsi l'Amour punit un calme trop coupable
    Thus Love punishes a too culpable calm
  7. Gai: N'attendez jamais le jour
    Never await the day

    Taryn Fiebig soprano
Ensemble Battistin
Medium: CD
No. of Discs: 1
SKU #: 11654
Label: ABC Classics
Catalog #: 476 5941
Price: AU $27.22   
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© Copyright Buywell 1998-2013. All rights reserved.

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