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Cantillation - Ye Banks and Braes
Cantillation - Ye Banks and Braes (ABC Classics 476 8035)
SKU: 10194
AU $23.93

Label: ABC Classics Cat. No.: 476 8035 Medium: CD No. Discs: 1
Download View booklet Acrobat PDF file for ABC Classics CD 476 8035 Cantillation - Ye Banks and Braes [398Kb]
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There's something about a folksong. Ancient, eternal, anonymous, handed down by word of mouth from father to son, from mother to daughter, from a rural age of simplicity and innocence to our complex and cynical modern world - folksongs have a clarity that can pierce our jaded 21st-century hearts.

So the story goes. But while our ears may hear that refreshing purity, the songs have their own tales to tell. Many are not actually anonymous at all. Some were carefully crafted with paper and pen. Often they are claimed with equal fervour by communities at opposite ends of the country, or even on opposite sides of the ocean. A few are less than a century old. Nonetheless, there is still something about a folksong.

This recording features Cantillation - an ensemble of fine voices with the speed, agility and flexibility of a chamber orchestra. Formed in 2001 by Antony Walker and Alison Johnston, it has since been busy in the concert hall, opera theatre and the recording studio. The performance is accompanied by Sinfonia Australis and conducted by Antony Walker and Paul Stanhope.

Artists: Cantillation, Mark Donnelly (baritone), Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo-soprano), Paul McMahon (tenor), Alison Morgan (soprano), Teddy Tahu Rhodes (baritone), Dan Walker (tenor).
Composers: Bob Chilcott, James Erb, Grainger, Elliott Gyger, Robert Latham, Daryl Runswick, Rutter, Paul Stanhope, Vaughan Williams, Dan Walker, David Willcocks.
Conductors: David Stanhope, Antony Walker.
Orchestras: Sinfonia Australis.
  1. Ye Banks and Braes
    Music: Trad. Scottish arr. Percy Grainger 1882-1961 (British Folk Music Settings No. 30)
  2. O Waly, Waly
    Music: Trad. Somerset arr. John Rutter b. 1945
  3. I'm Seventeen Come Sunday
    Music: Trad. Lincolnshire arr. Percy Grainger (British Folk Music Settings No. 8)
  4. She Moved through the Fair
    Music: Trad. Irish arr. Daryl Runswick b. 1946
  5. Scotch Strathspey and Reel
    Music: Trad. English, Scottish and Irish arr. Percy Grainger (British Folk Music Settings No. 28)
  6. Irish Tune from County Derry
    Music: Trad. Irish arr. Percy Grainger (British Folk Music Settings No. 5)
  7. Deep River
    Music: Trad. African-American spiritual arr. Norman Luboff 1917-1987
    Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo-soprano)
  8. Shenandoah
    Music: Trad. American arr. James Erb b. 1926
  9. The Minstrel Boy
    Music: Trad. Irish arr. Dan Walker b. 1978
    Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo-soprano)
  10. Scarborough Fair
    Music: Trad. English arr. Dan Walker
    Mark Donnelly (baritone)
  11. Bobby Shaftoe
    Music: Trad. Northumberland arr. David Willcocks b. 1919
  12. Shallow Brown
    Music: Trad. Devon arr. Percy Grainger (Sea Chanty Settings No. 3)
    Teddy Tahu Rhodes (baritone)
  13. Ca' the Yowes
    Music: Trad. Scottish arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
    Paul McMahon (tenor)
  14. Were Yo u There?
    Trad. African-American spiritual arr. Bob Chilcott b. 1955
  15. Brigg Fair
    Music: Trad. Lincolnshire arr. Percy Grainger (British Folk Music Settings No. 7)
    Dan Walker (tenor)
  16. Steal Away
    Music: Trad. African-American spiritual arr. Paul Stanhope b. 1969
  17. The Turtle Dove
    Music: Trad. Sussex arr. Robert Latham b. 1942
    Alison Morgan (soprano)
  18. Waltzing Matilda
    Music: Marie Cowan 1855-1919 /Trad. Queensland arr. Elliott Gyger b. 1968
Medium: CD
No. of Discs: 1
SKU #: 10194
Label: ABC Classics
Catalog #: 476 8035
Price: AU $23.93   

© Copyright Buywell 1998-2013. All rights reserved.

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